Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fairview Cemetery in Boyertown, PA, is the location of the location of the grave of unidentified victims of the Boyertown Rhoads Opera House fire of Jan. 13, 1908.

Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

I couldn't find a list online of the names, so I'll type it here. Remember, this isn't a list of the victims. There were 171 victims. This is just a list of the people whose bodies couldn't be identified so they were buried in a mass grave.

Morris M. Anderson, 40
Addie R. Bauman, 22
Carrie L. Bauman, 18
Edna E. Bauman, 14
James Keely Boyer, 15
Annie E.G. Clouser, 54
Esther M. Cullen, 37
Esther F.N. Erb, 11
John S. Fritz, 67
Ida Cora Fritz, 34
Carolina M. Hoffman, 65
Alice J. Hoffman, 35
Lottie H. Hoffman, 13
Ephraim H. Johnson, 33
Robert A. Lapish, 13
Marie K. Lapish, 8
Clara Leaver, 47
Hiram L.B. Leidy, 25
Emma M. Lichtel, 52
I. Newton Lichtel, 27
Annie L.K. Schoenly, 35
Robert Tagert, 73
Ellen E. Tagert, 61
Rosa Ellen Tagert, 42
Sarah Emma Wien, 44

Here's an old postcard of the cemetery.

Here's a video of the Remembrance Walk and here's an article from the Reading Eagle.

NBC 10 had a story.

Here's the impact of the fire on public safety.

But, is the building or gravesite haunted? Some people think so.

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